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TimeSnapper is really great! I use it in my gtd process. In the weekly review I give a quick look to what I did all week. I take notes of what I've missed and see where I'm losing time.


Artur Carvalho TreeJournal

  TimeSnapper is indispensable for all who wonder what in the world they did yesterday.   

David A. Sjøen

  Congratulations on a terrific piece of software.  

Brian Jack

  This is a great program, I also use it to record when I do digital paintings in Photoshop.  

   I can't count how many times it has allowed me to recover information that I was sure I had lost. Knowing that TimeSnapper is running on my system helps me to avoid a lot of stress. You have my eternal gratitude for having developed such a wonderful piece of software :)  

Alessandro Jaku


TimeSnapper has really helped me cut down on my wasteful activities at work and improved my productivity score by 50%



  Every week Timesnapper saves my ass when I have to do my timesheet.  

Dominic Cronin Amsterdam

  Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I've become so dependent on TimeSnapper I can't fill out my timesheets without it.  

Andrew Gaskill

  We have been quite happy with Timesnapper these past few months. We are a charter flight company serving remote communities in the Australian Outback and we use it to capture images from the Bureau of Meteorology weather radar overnight to see how much, if any, rain has fallen at many of our remote destinations (the phones are unreliable and it's very expensive to fly 2 hours to a community and then discover that the landing strip is too wet to land).   

Waylon Parker

  This is an absolutely indispensable tool for every consultant.  

Dave Markle Markle Consulting

  Congratulations on a really smart product. It's the best solution I have found for time tracking and it's also been a real eye-opener to see some of the reports on my computer usage. It gives me a chance to see how I really work from a neutral point of view that cannot lie!  

Michael Murphy Information Architect


Not a support call — just a thank-you call. In my job I was in the middle of working on a programming project, when an urgent job came in that diverted me for three weeks. Using TimeSnapper I was able to look back three weeks and see exactly where I was up to in the former project before I was diverted.


Lachlan Wetherall

  I love your software. Clean, easy to understand, excellent at customization, positive take on self tracking. And the time cloud showing where I am spending time is a mind opener. All round perfect. Love it, love it, love it!  

Paul Rak Canada

  Thank you for the fantastically quick response. Your customer service is second to none.  


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An excellent time tracking device for someone who’d rather work now and deal with tracking time later

it's a hoot to see what I've been doing all day on the PC...definitely cool