Where  did  all  your  time  go?

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TimeSnapper records your screen as you work, all day, every day. It remembers everything you do, for you alone.

TimeSnapper helps you

  • Recover lost work when a browser crashes, a program throws away your work, or the computer restarts when you least expect it.
  • Make accurate timesheets, without interrupting your flow.
  • Go back in time and see what just happened. Instant replay is very useful.
  • Measure your productivity and improve your habits.

A much loved product

Thousands of people love this product.

Once they start using it, they get hooked. It saves their bacon 🥓.

Don't take our word for it, here's what our users say:

  Every week Timesnapper saves my ass when I have to do my timesheet.  

Dominic Cronin Amsterdam

  Thank you for the fantastically quick response. Your customer service is second to none.  



Not a support call — just a thank-you call. In my job I was in the middle of working on a programming project, when an urgent job came in that diverted me for three weeks. Using TimeSnapper I was able to look back three weeks and see exactly where I was up to in the former project before I was diverted.


how does it work?

TimeSnapper lives in your system tray.

It holds onto screenshots for as long or as short as you need them.

It's respectful of your hard drive space and doesn't slow down your computer.

Improve your life

You can be more productive, with new insight into your digital habits.

Using a computer becomes just that bit less frustrating when TimeSnapper has your back.

Is it safe?

The screenshots stay on your machine. They're not stored in the cloud, or sent off your device.

You can encrypt the screenshots so no one else can unlock them, even if they are on your computer.

TimeSnapper is trusted by thousands of happy users. It's operated by its founders, Atli and Leon, who are avid TimeSnapper users.

The Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) may answer other questions or concerns you have.

Next Steps

On Windows you can try it for free for 30 days

Pay $29.99 once only and use it perpetually