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The Automatic Screenshot Journal

TimeSnapper runs in the background of your computer, taking screenshots of your desktop every few seconds all week long.


Below are comments from our users who really like TimeSnapper. It has helped them increase their productivity and get a better understanding on how they use their time.

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This is one of the most entertaining reviews that we've had for the software from a devoted user :) So crank up your speakers and get ready for some rap!

Productivity Software TimeSnapper

An excellent time tracking device for someone who’d rather work now and deal with tracking time later

LifeHacker: Download of the Day

it's a hoot to see what I've been doing all day on the PC...definitely cool

Steve Bass from PC World

Congratulations on a really smart product. It's the best solution I have found for time tracking and it's also been a real eye opener to see some of the reports on my computer usage. It gives me a chance to see how I really work from a neutral point of view that cannot lie!

Michael Murphy, Information Architect

Hooked on TimeSnapper

Julie Lerman

Everyone who has to do a time sheet or wants to be more productive should use TimeSnapper. Since getting it, my productivity has gone up.

The customer support is fantastic. The code base is under active development and the developers are responsive to their customers.

Matt, A TimeSnapper Review

I just purchased a timesnapper license. I have been using it for about 5-6 weeks and find that it has increased my productivity a lot. I am at 90% now where I used to be around 65%. Considering the hours I typically work this is a lot of time per day.

Jeff, from TimeSnapper Forums

I found that traditional time tracking systems and methods required me to switch mental contexts, they slowed me down and broke up the flow that I had going. This defeated the purpose of tracking time all-together.

Not with TimeSnapper -- it is cleverly simple and easy to use. TimeSnapper allows me to focus on the tasks at hand which is absolutely critical for software development.

With TimeSnapper, I can now quickly review all of my work and easily complete my TPS and other time tracking reports when it is convenient for me. I have an archive of everything I've done on my computer and can easily prove my claims if requested.

Wade Grandoni, Senior Systems Analyst

Just emailing you that I love your software. Clean, easy to understand, excellent at customization, positive take on self tracking. And the time cloud showing where I am spending time is a mind opener.

All round perfect. Love it, love it, love it!

Paul Rak, VeriForm Inc - a Metal fabrication solutions provider

In the last few months, your program has already saved me several thousand euros in billable time spent on tasks which I would otherwise have forgotten that I had done. Half an hour here, half an hour there... it soon adds up.

A happy customer from Finland

TimeSnapper - Never lose work again

[...]TimeSnapper is useful for so much more than filling in time sheets (although that's what got me started with it). Like backup and anti-virus software, TimeSnapper is the kind of application that hums along quitely in the background until you really need it; at that time you're either happy you've had it running or really sorry you haven't.

(Too much praise to copy it all here, check out his blog entry!)
Jon Galloway


This year is the 3rd year that I’m a judge for the Jolt Software Awards. A couple of nights ago, I thought that I had submitted my votes for the first round of voting to select the finalists. As it turns out, somewhere along the way my votes got lost (I blame my general sleep-deprived stupor these days).

Fortunately for me, I was running TimeSnapper at the time. This incredibly useful utility takes a snapshot of your desktop every 5 seconds and records the result as a PNG image. So it was a simple matter to replay my day around the time I was entering my votes to see exactly what I voted for.

I work on multiple tasks each day - these days mostly non-billable work that I still need to account for (like the Jolts). I often forget what I was doing earlier in the day while filling out the timesheet, so this is a great way of jogging my memory. That plus the timeline feature lets me quickly scan to see what I was doing at different points in the day.

John Lam on Software

may be a secret you’ll want to keep from the boss, but it can certainly be a useful tool to use for your own benefit

Joel Neuenhaus

I'm starting to think of TimeSnapper as a good tool to help me getting back on track after switching gears from one task to another, or helping me understanding what paths I've gone through to come to a specific conclusion.

Claudio Lassala

[TimeSnapper] is the best thing since sliced bread, I have been looking for a simple program that would do such a thing for over a year now.

S. Johnson

Praise to the coders

This software is simple but powerful. At start I wanted a timer to track the time I spend in each task.... but timesnapper allow more than that, it shows how I work (or not work) and how I organize my day. This is a valuable software.

From Google Groups

That's awesome. [...] color me impressed with your response time (and response quality for that matter!).

The activity overview saved me (I was still able recreate my timesheets – documenting about $9K worth of client work and easily paying for my TimeSnapper license)… You guys rock!

Ed Ferking, F3 Solutions

I love this tool.

Mike Good

That's the *sickest* thing I have seen in a long while. I can't believe you only have around 10^5 users. (I bought my copy about 5 minutes after installing your demo). IMO this is an absolutely indispensable tool for every consultant.

Dave Markle, Markle Consulting

Although [TimeSnapper] is not designed for this, fixing browser submission problems is one of the reasons that it's a life-saver. It's a shame that web browsers let us down in this way, but until that's resolved TimeSnapper can save your sanity.

I've also used TimeSnapper to reconstruct a purchase submission that went wrong on Dell's web site. I ended up ordering twice. Because I had a complete set of screen shots of the transaction, there was no question of what went wrong, and when. It was quickly resolved.

As far as I can see, there's no reason for any IT professional not to have TimeSnapper installed on their machine. It's an absolute marvel.