NextAction: from

Are you a busy person? Do you need to get things done?

Nextaction is for you.

NextAction is one of the few things in this world that can lighten your mental load.

Stop trying to juggle seven things at once! Keep them in your ever-present mental backup system.

We're now on version 2.13. Each version gets a little bit nicer, but retains the trademark simplicity.

Everything about NextAction is designed to ease your burden:

Give it focus... Now pour your mental cache into that little window!

Put one task on each line. Important tasks at the top.

When a task is done, press [Ctrl]+[Down arrow] to mark it as done, and get on with the next task.

store whatever is on the top of your mind

When you move to another application, NextAction keeps floating on top -- quietly keeping track of your top most thoughts... Helping you maintain focus in a world gone mad.

when inactive it floats quietly 
in the corner... reminding you of 
your next action

A context menu provides help, and control over the appearance...

settings let you can control the way NextAction behaves well as control over NextAction's behaviour.

settings let you can control the way NextAction behaves

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